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    5 Handy Tools to Help With a Blog Rebrand

    June 28, 2015

    5 Handy Blog Rebrand Tools
    It’s safe to say that when I began my blog rebrand journey I was a little lost. With all of the decisions to be made around blogging platforms, hosting companies, graphic design and blog themes, things became overwhelming fast. Luckily the internet is amazing and it didn’t take me long to find some great tools to help me along the way. Here’s a little insight into the tools I used to make my rebrand a reality:

    1. A Beautiful Mess Blog Design Love 2.0

    I love those crafty gals over at A Beautiful Mess. Everything they touch seems to turn to gold, so I thought their Blog Design Love 2.0 e-course would be the best place to start when it came to my rebrand. The course is led by Promise Tangeman and Elise Blaha Cripe who are also very talented ladies and extremely engaging creative leaders.

    2. WordPress

    I love WordPress as a blogging platform. It’s so easy to use and at the same time it allows for great customisation so you can really make your site stand out. There are so many plugins that helped me along the way! WPide is my favourite plugin as it gives me access to “the code”, and now I’m convinced I am a computer genius.

    3. ThemeForest

    The guys at ThemeForest have the most amazing blog themes for extremely reasonable prices. I really did my homework when I got to this stage because your blog’s theme determines the flexibility you have as a blogger. I found it useful to write down all of my must-haves to make sure I chose a theme that would suit my style of blog.

    4. Being Boss Podcast

    For some inspiration along the way I listened to Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon’s podcast for creative entrepreneurs, Being Boss. These guys give away so many handy tips when it comes to defining your brand and growing a business. It’s kind of crazy that it is free!

    5. Canva

    This is a little web-based graphic design gem. I designed the concept for the Chlo & Co logo in Canva and I use it to create custom feature images. Plus, there are tons of free resources in there and it is extremely easy to use.

    If you’re a blogger or aspire to be one, I hope you found these tips useful.

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