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December 7, 2011

20111207-231241.jpggetting ready for my first day at Walt Disney World, Minnie ears and all

Just before we went on holidays I bought an Instax Mini 7 camera to help me document the trip. I had so much fun taking it around with me, collecting happy snaps along way.

I tend to abuse my digital camera, taking photo after photo without putting too much thought in, so it was really special to take these shots knowing they would be permanent.

Here are a few of my favourite snapshots from the holiday and my brother’s engagement party a few weeks ago.

20111207-231149.jpgGrant and I at our most favourite Walt Disney World park, Epcot

20111207-230522.jpgGrant with his brother and sister-in-law playing miniature golf at Camelot, Anaheim

20111207-230724.jpggetting excited about Halloween

20111207-230835.jpgthe cutest photo of mum and dad ever at the engagement party – they look so happy!

20111207-230937.jpgmy lovely sister and I exhausted after the party

20111207-231057.jpgmy brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law, such a gorgeous pair!

I hope you enjoyed catching a glimpse at some of my photos – now I’m trying to think up an adequate way to display them!

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