Mustache Cookies

December 8, 2011


A few weeks ago the boy and I caught up with friends for our annual Christmas dinner. It’s a tradition for everyone in the group to bring a generic gift which someone unwraps and then other members of the group can steal it by exchanging it for the gift they just unwrapped – it really gets you in the Christmas spirit of peace and joy…I swear!

So this year the boy thought he had chosen the greatest present ever – mustache cookie cutters – and was determined to steal them back. He ended up taking them off his friend who seemed really excited about using them. Oh well, tis the season of giving and stealing!

They are pretty cute and fun to play with so I can understand why he wanted them back so much!

I used this recipe for chocolate sables from Miette bakery in San Francisco and they were the perfect mustache cookie cutter consistency!







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