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Try Something New Tuesday: Use The Work Lift All Day

December 6, 2011


i hoped the the floor of the lift wasn’t actually held together by tape

Ever since I watched the elevator hostage scene in the 1994 film Speed I have been petrified of lifts (“Wasn’t that movie about an out-of-control bus?” – you say). The condition was probably made worse by my brother who insisted on jumping up and down and pressing all the buttons every time we rode one together. All that said, I have never ever been stuck in a lift. So today I set myself the challenge of riding the work lift to the top floor and back again.

I don’t usually take the work lifts, they are old and rickety and always breaking down. Even if I have to go all the way up to the 7th floor I take the stairs and if anyone asks why I tell them I need the exercise (this in part is true, but I don’t think going up seven flights of stairs once a week is really contributing to my fitness). In any situation where I can use the stairs I will, even if my feet are aching and I have to take 20 flights of stairs to reach my destination.

I used to work at a cinema which was on the third floor of an old building. One time I had to bring several heavy post-mix boxes upstairs, and the only way I could do this without seeming like a complete idiot was to take the lift, a very old and slow lift in a dingy car park. There was no way I was getting in there so I pushed the stock trolley into the lift, reached around the corner and pressed the level three button and proceeded to sprint up the stairs to catch it at the other side, hoping that no-one would intercept it along the way. It’s safe to say that I go to extreme lengths to avoid lifts.

So, what better a challenge on Try Something New Tuesday to confront my fears and use the work lift all day? Now I must confess – I took the stairs once, but that was because I was walking with another lady and she wanted to take the stairs – I swear! When I did take the lift it was on my way up to the staff lunch room – it was stormy outside so I couldn’t sit in my usual spot under a shady tree – up the lift I went. On the way up I was doing ok considering the whole lift was covered in cardboard (something to do with renovations) – but I think that was mainly due to the fact that another person was in there with me.

the lovely lift decor

proof that i went all the way to the top

The way down was a little worse – there was heaps of thunder and lightning and I was scared the power would go out and I’d get stuck in there. Hence the shaky photo of me biting my nails. I did it though! You proud?

going down

It may not look like it in the picture but it feels good to confront your fears!

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