What’s In My Sewing Kit?

January 4, 2012

what's in my sewing kit
I have spent the last week building up my sewing kit, there are a surprising amount of things to buy if you are a first-time-sewer! Luckily the boy bought me this great sewing bag for Christmas and filled it with a lot of the handy things I would not have thought to buy like needle threaders, organisers, a thimble and a seam ripper (I have used this on pretty much every project I have made so far, definitely one of my most handy tools). But there were still a lot of crafty tidbits that I needed – extra bobbin cases, a tapestry needle, chalk pencils, various buttons, the list goes on. Believe me, it was an expensive process!

It was pretty daunting to go through the isles at the craft store trying to figure out exactly what I needed to buy so I figured a “What’s In My Sewing Bag?” post would be appreciated by all those beginner sewers out there like me! Here goes…

Scissors (you will need a variety of scissors, bent-handled dressmaker’s scissors for cutting fabric, pinking shears to reduce fraying, general purpose scissors for cutting out patterns and small embroidery scissors to snip thread)//a clear ruler//a variety of buttons (mine are all in neutral tones)//sewing organiser//magnet for picking up spilled pins//a wearable pin cushion//bobbin and thread organisers//pencil//elastic//plastic tape measures (one of mine is retractable which is handy when you want to measure something quickly and then put it away)//needlecase (I made this)

Here’s a closer look at my sewing organiser.

what's in my sewing kit
My sewing organiser is probably my most used thing out of my sewing kit. It holds my pins and safety pins, embroidery scissors, seam ripper, a variety of threads, chalk pencil, tapestry needle and needle threader. It is really handy to separate these into compartments and makes packing up a breeze.

This is the needlecase I made (another project from Cath Kidston’s book Sew!). I definitely recommend buying or making yourself a needlecase to avoid pricked fingers – it is really hard to put needles back into the cardboard holders they come in when you buy them. My needlecase holds medium-length sharps, crewel needles and short quilting needles.

what's in my sewing kit
And finally – a range of fabric on standby. I tend to buy flat fats (little squares of fabric) each time I go to the craft store, I figure that I will use them for small projects or even inspiration for future projects. They are fairly inexpensive and I have used them in several of my projects so far.

After this the only other thing you will need is a bag to put it in. The bag my boyfriend bought me is great because it has plenty of compartments to store little things in so my equipment doesn’t get muddled and it is super easy to pack up.

I hope you enjoyed the peek into my sewing bag – I think it’s time to start another project!

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    As a new-to-fabric-crafter my unpicker is by far the most used item in my kit 🙂

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