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While The Boy Is Away…

February 20, 2012


Grant is going to be in Sydney and Los Angeles for the next three weeks and in an effort to not go completely mad without him I have written an epic list of things to do while he’s gone. I used to hate it when he went away, but I have grown to enjoy my alone time where I can watch romantic comedy after romantic comedy and work on all the projects that have fallen by the wayside due to our busy schedules.

I also really enjoy writing him long emails when he goes overseas. Usually the time difference isn’t great for us to Skype or speak to each other on the phone so what we like to do is write an email to each other at the end of each day which means that by the time we wake up we have an email sitting in our inbox waiting to be read – it makes for a great start to the day!

Anyway, back to the list!

– Organise/make photo book from holiday photos
– Catch up with the girls
– Snuggle up in bed extra early and watch Friends while knitting
– Go op shopping
– Start (and finish) a new sewing project
– Go on a sister date
– Spend a whole weekend dedicated to crafts
– Organise my wardrobe
– Do lots of study
– Try out a few new recipes

Looks like the next few weeks are going to fly by!

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