Try Something New Tuesday

Try Something New Tuesday: Watch An Old Classic

March 6, 2012



Aside from Citizen Kane* I love just about any old classic, but when it comes to choosing a film on a Friday night I tend to reach for the new release over the tried and true classic films. So this Try Something New Tuesday I am going to watch Funny Face! I adore everything about Audrey Hepburn and this film looks like a real treat, especially with the dancing extraordinaire that is Fred Astaire. It should be the perfect thing to watch after tap class!

Here are some of my favourite old classics:

Breakfast at Tiffany'ssource

Breakfast At Tiffany’s: Who doesn’t love this gem of a movie?

The Way We Weresource

The Way We Were: Oh Robert Redford, he’s such a charmer and Barbra Streisand is adorable as Katie. Warning: this movie will make you cry.

Singin in the Rainsource

Singin’ In The Rain: Gene Kelly, what a babe! His fancy footwork in this film is oh-so-incredible, it’s not to be missed!


Houseboat: Oh my gosh, it’s just not fair that someone can be as beautiful as Sophia Loren!

What are your favourite old classics?

*I had to watch Citizen Kane about a thousand times while I was at university – I get that it made waves in the way that films were made and I really appreciate it for that but I just cannot like this movie no matter how hard I try. I find this quite amusing seeing as my boyfriend is a director!

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