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Try Something New Tuesday: Write A Review

May 1, 2012

Today’s Try Something New Tuesday brings me to the Daily Planet in Mount Lawley. To be honest I am actually trying two new things this Tuesday, writing a review AND blogging from a cafe. Look at me go! I have blogged outdoors before so I didn’t really feel like I was exerting myself if the only new thing I tried was blogging in a cafe. So lets just focus on the review.

Despite getting off to a rocky start earlier in the year the Daily Planet is establishing itself as yet another tasty feeding ground on the Beaufort Street strip. I was here last on Sunday for a late lunch and enjoyed some kind of delicious breakfast burrito creation and an apple, pineapple and watermelon juice that packed a punch.

It took a lot of willpower to avoid the dessert cabinet but I didn’t order any food today because I am just about to hop along to tap and food in the belly plus jumping around does not make for a happy dancer. I did however try one of their hot chocolates which are served with not one but two marshmallows – always a winner in my book!

It’s not often that I find a cafe where I am comfortable to do my knitting and crochet, but I would definitely be happy to bring it along to the Daily Planet. There is a really nice area towards the back of the cafe which is a little more private and the staff aren’t bothering you every two seconds or trying to kick you out to fit more people in. There are also power points, a plus for anyone who likes to take a working lunch.

On top of all this they play really great music, the staff are friendly and the decor is super cosy (there’s even a fireplace), all they need now is just a few more bodies warming up the place.

Happy Tuesday! I better go get ready for dancing now.

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