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Losing My Wisdom

August 8, 2012

photo-1-1I had my wisdom teeth removed last Thursday so the past week I have been in recovery mode while my chipmunk cheeks deflate and my wounds heal. I’ve been watching a lot of Chuck (remind me to tell you about my love of spies and nerds one of these days), working on my crochet afghan, getting around in my new pj’s and attempting to eat various mushy foods (YoGo you are my saviour).

I was quite nervous in the lead up to the operation – I had never been under general anaesthetic before – but my wonderful mum and amazing boyfriend were there for me every step of the way (including the lengthy wait at the hospital). I also have some pretty great family and friends who sent lots of love my way.

It all turned out to be a pretty easy process, the anaesthetic was exactly the way everyone had explained it and I woke up giggling and talking to everyone in recovery, despite having masses of gauze in my mouth and a bandaged up head. I even managed to tell one of the nurses she had nice shoes – they were Calvin Klein. Turns out having surgery is pretty fun…until the pain killers start to wear off!photo-4-4
Meet Whizzy – the cutest little bunny to help me through the surgery – from my one and
Breakfast consisted of a peanut butter and banana smoothie and peaches on most
Another present from my wonderful gentleman, a pretty dress for when I am ready to go out in public again!photo-2-1-2Pretty yarns and fun patterns make me smile.

It’s back to work for me tomorrow, fingers crossed the last of my swelling goes down overnight so I can look like a relatively normal person again. I’m going to miss the spies, nerds, crafting and comfy clothes – the pain not so much!

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