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Flashback to 2012 – Adventures in house hunting

January 18, 2013

Wow, 2013 – where did that come from? 2012 went by in such a hurry so I have decided to post a few flashbacks to recap on what was a year full of big changes. Number one on that list being that…

photo-10…the boy and I moved out!!!

After nearly eight months of searching the mister and I finally found a place to call home in October last year! It has been so much fun living together and we are loving being in a more central location!

Moving day – I had to drive the truck because Grant can’t drive a stick!

In the end we decided to rent to allow us to see what we could afford, how big a house we needed and to focus on our career goals. I think it was the best decision we could have come to at this stage in our lives. Plus we found a really cute little place with a perfect little kitchen for my adventures in baking!

One of my many adventures in baking.

Searching for a place was frustrating at times most of the time, but there were also some fun and happy moments like when the boy and I had lengthy conversations about our dreams and ambitions. Then there were the terrifying moments, like when we put an offer down on our first ever house, and the devastating moments, when the said offer was not accepted and we realised that people we knew (crazy small place called Perth) got the place for only a few thousand dollars more. If I were to draw a graph of my emotions over the first few months of 2012 it would consist of a long series of peaks and troughs.

The great thing about reflecting on this is realising how beneficial and worthwhile our experience was and how great our lives are now because of it.

Enjoying a nice cup of tea (or two) in our lovely lounge room.

Here are some of my tips if you are looking to move into your first home:

Be patient – although I tried to be, I was not very patient during the house finding process. Thankfully my mister was and he brought me back to Earth on many occasions, reminding me that we were lucky that we already had a place to live and that we would find something eventually.

Don’t settle – there were times when I was so frustrated I was ready to buy the next thing I saw, but now I am so glad we didn’t settle for something that wasn’t right.

Give yourself time to think about your game plan – we went into this experience thinking we wanted to buy but came out the other side with a completely different perspective. There are pros and cons to each scenario, you need to do what is best for you and your future.

You can change the home but you can’t change where it is – if the perfect house is in the wrong location it is probably not worth it, you can always change what a house looks like but you can’t change a busy road or a bad neighbourhood (unless you are Batman).

Don’t over extend – one of the main reasons we decided to rent in the end was to get a good idea of what we can afford. It would be our worst nightmare to buy a place and then not be able to have the lifestyle we want because we have massive bills to pay. This way we can still have a home and go on a holiday or focus on our future plans.

Four months on and we are having a ball in our little home. I hope to take some better pictures of it soon, we just need to get a few more things organised and hang some pretty pictures on the walls! For now, here is a picture of our lovely Christmas tree (all packed away now – sigh).


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