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August 4, 2013


Since moving into our place last October, we hadn’t done much in the way of putting photographs up. We have plenty of posters and pretty pictures on the walls, but nothing of our loved ones or favourite memories (or adorable puppies for that matter). That was until I ordered some StickyGram magnets to cover the fridge with. Now every time we walk into the kitchen we are greeted by smiling faces and pretty pictures of past times. It makes such a difference!

Eventually we want to cover the entire fridge in StickyGrams, but we need to get onto making the memories and taking the pictures first (the boyfriend just joined Instagram so I am looking forward to his contribution). It’s a fun work in progress! We’ve also been inspired to start printing out our favourite photos and putting them in albums so we don’t have to scroll through thousands of so-so images in our iPhoto library. One step at a time though.


photo2If anyone is wondering, it’s really easy to order the photos through StickyGram’s website. They took around two weeks to arrive and their customer service is really great!

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