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Housewarming – Bathroom

February 12, 2014

The room that needs the most attention in our new home is the bathroom. There is a leaking tile that we will have to fix first and foremost, but we are also looking at renovating the entire room to make the space a little more functional.

At this stage we would still like to have a bath, but due to space it is going to have to be a shower over bath scenario. I feel that this is a fair compromise to be able to enjoy a relaxing bath from time to time. We’re also planning on building a partition to give the toilet a bit more privacy and looking into updating the tiles and fixtures.

In my eyes, the perfect bathroom is clean and relaxing so we will definintely be aiming for this in our renovation. I can’t wait to get some official plans in the works and start picking out finishings!

I love the patterned tiles and blue/mint green features in these bathrooms (image 1, image 2, image 3)

White tiles on black grout seems like such a smart choice (image)


Housewarming - Bathroom

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*Collage created with Polyvore.

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