Favourite Sewing Projects

January 31, 2015

It’s a while since I have been a crafty lady so I thought I would take the time to look back on some of my most favourite/most used sewing projects I’ve worked on.


This was the first dress I’ve ever made and is still the most worn handmade piece in my wardrobe. I’ve worn this dress as is in summer and paired with tights and a cardi in winter, so it is quite versatile. Plus, the pattern and instructions were the easiest I have ever worked with when it comes to clothing projects. I’m super keen to pick back up a few clothing projects that I started a while ago, including the Sassy Librarian Blouse from Craftsy!


I have such fond memories of making this quilted purse. It was summer holidays and G and I were house-sitting for his parents. I spent a lot of time watching movies and sewing. While I haven’t used the purse too much, the project was super fun and fulfilling.


This velvet turban was a quick and satisfying sewing project. I haven’t worn this in a while because my style has changed a little bit, but I still think it is super cute!


This brush roll is hands down the most useful thing I have ever made. I created this project from scratch and the brush roll has held together so well that I have used it every day for almost three years. If I was to make this again I would probably use oil cloth or more faux leather instead of cotton so any makeup residue can be wiped off.

Reminiscing on my favourite sewing projects has really got my crafty juices flowing, I think a Sunday Sewday is in order!

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