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Festival of Asha

January 25, 2015

Last November my sister married her beau, but before the big day her bestie and I planned an epic festival-themed hens party for her. It was definitely one of the best parties I have ever helped plan, probably because my fellow bridesmaid is an amazing events manager. We clocked some pretty hefty DIY time making the dream-catchers, teepee and bunting, I was definitely in my element!

My mum and dad kindly lent us their deck for the evening and we borrowed the amazing Persian rugs from my aunty.

When a bride wants a whisky bar, she gets a whisky bar, as well as some vintage crystal glasses and a teepee.

We made about a dozen dream-catchers for the night and borrowed lots of throw cushions and candles to make for a comfy festival vibe. We even provided blankets so our patrons could stay warm throughout the evening.

My sister in the middle with her dream team of bridesmaids. We had a little mishap with our bunting and a big gust of wind resulting in us spelling festival wrong, but no-one seemed to notice until the next day, I guess alcohol had something to do with that!

The pressure is now on my sister to plan my hens party at the end of the year!

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