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January 29, 2015

One of my goals this year is to focus more on my health, especially when it comes to eating and exercising. I’ve been doing a little bit of yoga lately, but I am keen to up the ante and add a few high-intensity workouts to my routine.

I quite like working out at home, it’s easier to fit in with my schedule and it cuts down on travel time and hefty gym fees. Despite being at home I still want to look and feel good while I am working out and what I wear plays a big part in that. Here are some items that I would love to add to my workout collection (mind my Lulu Lemon obsession, it’s just so darn comfy):


I hate feeling restricted at the best of times, which is why I usually opt for loose-fitting workout clothes. This easy, breezy tank has a built-in sports bra, so you’re supported where you need it most and everywhere else feels like you’re wearing pyjamas.


The simple cut of this tank nods to the 90s style resurgence and the relaxed fit would pair just as well with jeans as it would with exercise pants.


I’m really loving the grey hues at the moment which is strange seeing as it is summer here. The shade of these pants invoke a sense of calm in me which is just what I need when I am in Warrior III or doing push ups.


By far my favourite sports bra I have ever worn, the Free to Be Wild bra is extremely comfortable and straps offers a little bit of wild style, just like its namesake.


I know neon shoes are all the rage, but lately I have been loving black sneakers. These Nike trainers combine subdued tones with mesh and patent detailing, taking workout style to the next level.

There’s nothing like some new workout clothes to inspire a healthy lifestyle!

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