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Keeping it simple on Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2015

Valentines Day isn’t a huge celebration in our household. We usually like to keep things low-key by going to a movie and eating popcorn and Malteasers (or as we like to call them pops and malts). With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of sweet V-Day surprises that aren’t too over-the-top.


I’m a big fan of giving cards to celebrate just about any occasion and this one takes the cake for Valentines (or an anniversary for that matter).


Nothing says I love you (or toothache) like a red velvet sugar cookie bar with cream cheese frosting.


I love inanimate objects with smiley faces on them and this Humongous Heart Plush is no exception.


Love coupons can sometimes be a little cheesy, but these printable coupons are silly and fun and they won’t make eyes roll.

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