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March Goals

March 18, 2015


Gosh, we are almost half way into March and I haven’t even thought about my goals! Things have been hectic around here with work and wedding planning and everything else has fallen by the wayside. Normally for me this would be about the time I give up, if you can’t do something perfectly then you shouldn’t do it all, right? WRONG! This year I am all about breaking bad habits and for me it is no longer ok to give up. So what if I didn’t set my goals on March 1, as long as I set them and work towards them then I’m on the right track. There is a lesson in everything, I tell you!

This month I’ve decided to focus on the following:

Complete the Blog Life e-course by A Beautiful Mess
I’ve carried this one over from last month because I haven’t done anything about it and it is a really important one to me. This time around I think I will actually schedule “study time” into my calendar to make sure I stay can complete my goal by June 1st.

Write five blogs
I love writing this blog, but quite often I find myself sitting on the couch thinking about writing rather than actually doing it. That’s certainly been the case this month so far, so in what little is left of March I plan to cram in a few hours of writing time.

Exercise three times a week
Our wedding is seven short months away and like most girls I want to feel my best, so I’m making a pledge to exercise three times a week until then and beyond! I really enjoy pilates and am contemplating taking up Xtend Barre because I love anything that combines an element of dance!

Do my knee exercises every day
I never thought I would ever write a blog about my knees, but here I am! The functionality of my two knobby knees is less than ideal. They’ve been playing up ever since I was a teen and now is the time to start putting in the hard yards to make them better so I can enjoy things like exercise and general life!

If you want to know more about my goal setting go take a peek at my posts from January and February.


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