A Long Weekend in Singapore

May 25, 2015

A few Fridays ago I was walking home from work getting mentally prepared for a night on the couch with a pizza, some popcorn and a good movie when G called to ask if I wanted to go to Singapore instead. It was a long weekend and he had an upcoming film shoot which he needed to do some location scouting for, plus it was our bestie’s birthday that weekend (he lives over there).

Before I knew it the flights and accommodation were booked, we were packing and sitting on a plane 6 hours later. Just crazy! If it were up to me we never would have booked those flights. I am a planner and doing things spur of the moment does not come naturally to me. I’m so glad G took charge and organised everything because I’ve always wanted to take a spontaneous trip somewhere and this made me realise how easy (and fun) it can be.
IMG_5975While we were there I sampled the best pork buns I have ever tasted at Tim Ho Wan, tried kaya toast and loved it and ate some of the best noodles at the Changi Village Hawker Centre. We visited Cloud Forest at Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Botanic Gardens and witnessed the beautiful view from Henderson Waves Bridge.

I love Singapore and I am so glad I got to go back without any kind of itinerary. I just followed G and our bestie around and had a ball. It was nice not to be the ‘travel agent’ for once!

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