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Welcome to Chlo & Co!

June 23, 2015

Hello and welcome to my new corner of the internet, Chlo & Co. I’m so excited to finally be sharing this new blog with you, it’s been months in the making!

Why did I decide to start a new blog/rebrand?

I daydream about becoming a professional blogger all of the time, but I never felt like I could make this dream a reality over at Paperbunnys. I think this was largely because I lacked a strong brand vision. I didn’t know what kind of blogger I wanted to be and a lot of the time I was trying to be someone I wasn’t. This led to infrequent, and sometimes uninspired posts that lacked direction.

Rebranding to Chlo & Co has totally changed this. I am now blogging for me and not trying to be someone I am not. There are a TON of blogs out there and I realised that my only real point of difference was my personal voice. I finally see the value in being Chlo!

What has changed around here?

Aside from the obvious things like the name and blog design, I’ve reassessed the subjects I would like to blog about. There are now four overarching categories – Craft, Series and Style, as well as & Co (for which content will be coming soon).

Where did all of your old posts go?

They are still here, they have just been sorted into their relevant categories.

Why Chlo & Co?

I chose Chlo & Co as I wanted the name to reflect who I am. As I go through life I am constantly changing and I needed a name that would grow with me. I also wanted it to be suitable for other creative ventures that may present themselves down the track. The “& Co” part of the name represents not only the people I share my life with and blog about, but also allows the potential for collaboration. This will eventually become a big part of my blog, as I interview and join forces with other creatives.

Whether you’re a new reader, or you’ve followed Paperbunnys since the beginning, I hope you enjoy my new space.

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