Hey, I’m Chlo.

(aka Chloe Lyons)

Welcome to my corner of the internet, I’m so glad you are here! I live in Perth, Western Australia with my fiancé Grant, who is a super talented film maker. We’re getting married in October this year! My blogging journey began in 2011 as a way to inject a little creativity into my life and to document my craft projects. During the day I work an office job which pays the mortgage, but it’s my creative ventures that fill my heart with light, love and happiness.

The most watched movie in my collection:  is either Father of the Bride or It’s Complicated.
I think the greatest place on earth is: Walt Disney World.
My celebrity best friend would be: Jennifer Lawrence.
If I were a Disney Character I would be: Piglet.
You’ll often find me wearing: plaid and polka dots.
When we get a dog it will be: a beagle, corgi or anything fluffy and little.
My ideal Friday night is: a night on the couch with Grant, pizza and a good movie.

Chlo & Co is a source of weekly inspiration for creative folk and crafty people alike.

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